Material description and specifications

ABS plastic is perfect for parts requiring testing, functional prototypes and concept models. Designers can develop projects freely to deliver the final product to the market faster. (Data sheet).

mprove your projects with Z-ULTRAT thermoplastic. Z-ULTRAT is one of our toughest 3D printing material with excellent finish and semi-mat surface. This filament is durable and perfect for iterative testing.

With Zortrax M200 tech possibilities and LPD technology, Z-ULTRAT became one of our most productive filament performing lifelike prototypes and even end-use parts. (Data sheet).

NinjaFlex is a flexible filamend meant to print elastic parts. (Data sheet).

We also use Verbatim and 3D Prima flexible filament.

Z-HIPS® is a thermoplastic polymer, high impact resistance allows the use of prototypes enclosures for various types of equipment, starting with housings consumer electronics, ending with the covers for industrial machines where it is not required UV resistance. Z-HIPS has very good processing properties such as – gluing, painting, sanding, sandblasting.

Material highly resistant to salts, acids and alkalis, excellent for creating mechanical parts exposed to chemicals. Z-PETG is physically durable, great for prototyping diverse and demanding elements. (Data sheet).

PLA is a biodegradable plastic which is produced out of corn starch. PLA is a sturdy yet quite fragile. It cannot stand high temperatures and can deform at  60 °C  and melt at 170 °C . (Data sheet).

For PLA we mostly use mixes of WOOD and COPPERFILL.

WOOD plastic has a nice wooden texture and smell. The WOOD filament is 70% PLA plastic and 30% wood. Ideal for imitating wooden products. (Data sheet).

Spetsiaalsete materjalide ja värvide soovide korral palume võtta meiega ühendust