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3D Printing

You have a 3D model you wish to 3D print?

If you have a 3D model in STL or OBJ format then you can simply upload the model or bunch of models in a ZIP file on our online quote system. Also, you can email us DAE, DXF, 3MF or some other common formats and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You don’t have a 3D model but you have an idea?

That’s okay. We can create the 3D model for you with 3D modeling or 3D scanning. Get in touch via our email info@nullshaperize.com, call us  +372 545 66 208 or just visit our office in person.

You don’t have a 3D model nor an idea but you are interested in 3D printing?

You can find some great projects and 3D models to print on the following websites: Thingiverse.comCGTrader.com. Just send us the link or model and we’ll contact you with a quote instantly.

3D Scanning

For when you need a copy of an object done.

3D scanning is perfect if you already have the detail you wish to replicate but it is too complex to 3D model. We offer 3D scanning with Einscan and Sense 3D scanners for details from 5cm to 2m. We can also do the 3D model cleanup and modify the 3D scans for your needs. 

Want a figurine of yourself or a friend of yours?

3D scanning can also be used to create small figurines and sculptures of people. Why capture yourself on a plain photo when you can also capture in 3D? We can also get creative and make you into a spaceman or a sneaky ninja.


3D Modeling

Need to replace a broken part or just make improvements in design?

We will help you fulfill your ideas and sketches through the 3D world. 3D modeling will be done based on original details, sketces or drawing. 

We can use the following programs: Autodesk Fusion 360, Solidworks, Solid Edge and Google Sketchup.

Check out our portfolio

We have completed hundreds of different orders based on our customers wishes. Find out more in our portfolio.


Service and Repair

Over the years our team has gained immense experience with different 3D printers so we can also offer your 3D printer professional care or if needed then repair it.

We also offer warranty repairs to Zortrax and BQ 3D printers.

Some of the printers we have used: Mass Portal Pharaoh, Makerbot Replicator 2X and gen 5, Zortrax M200, Prusa i3 Original, Velleman Vertex K8400, Hephestos 2, Witbox 2 etc.


Renting a 3D printer or a scanner is the perfect solution for clients who wish to use a 3D printer for prototyping, produce small batch productions, test out different 3D printers or demonstrate 3D printing/scanning on an event.



We offer a variety of courses in which we can teach in-depth 3D modeling or just talk about 3D printing in general.

We have courses for Everyone!

In need of a quote?


Email: info@nullshaperize.com, call +372 545 66 208 or visit our showroom in Suur-Sõjamäe 10, Tallinn.